Network Manager


CTG Network Manager  v.2015.5.0

CTG Network Manager - IT Network Management and Monitoring Software that provides any IT Department with the ability to track all aspects of an IT assets life cycle from purchase, to deployment, inventory, software management, monitoring, incidents

AggreGate Network Manager for Windows

AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network management and monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other smart building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC, lighting, and time/attendance control. Its data


AggreGate Network Manager  v.5.11.03

AggreGate Network Manager is an umbrella IT management platform. It provides out-of-the-box monitoring for IP networks, servers, routers, applications, services, traffic and performance.

DEKSI Network Manager  v.4 9

DEKSI Network Manager is an advanced and powerful network monitoring tool. It can continuously monitor the state of your servers, various network services, databases and more over the network seven days a a week, twenty-four hours a day. You can

AggreGate Network Manager for Linux  v.5.01.00

AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network management platform. The system provides a rich set of data processing tools for monitoring IP networks, servers, routers, applications, services, traffic and performance.

PJ Network Manager  v.1 21

PJ Network Manager is a SNMP manager software for the network equipment which supports the private MIB (Management Information Base).

Aviom Pro64 Network Manager  v.1. 1. 2006

Aviom's Pro64® Network Manager™ is a PC-based application that provides status monitoring and control of a Pro64 audio network from a central location.

Active Directory Network Manager  v.3.0.9

If you are a network administrator then Active Directory Network Manager is an indispendable tool that helps you with security, auditing, bulk updates and day-to-day administration.

Home Network Manager  v.3.0.8

With Home Network Manager you can instantly set up your home network and auto detect and add printers and devices.

LA Network Manager  v.

This new and exclusive feature allows the user to know the headroom for each output channel depending on the gain, the settings of the Array Morphing Tools and the EQ section.

ASN Active Directory Network Manager  v.2.0

web based application which helps Administrators to manage the computers in different Domains. Services,Processes,Devices,Shares,Sessions,User rights,drives,environment variables, Bulk move, add to group, remove from group, enable/disable features

DGard Network Manager

The intuitive network analysis and systems management tool for small businesses providing the insight and power you need to quickly and easily understand - and control - every aspect of your systems in real time. If systems management is more than just

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